About us

Chimi Home is a Scandinavian luxury brand based in
Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded in 2018 by Mikael Tarighi and Christian Nordenström, with an obsession to design and simplify modern households with
exclusive "Textile Art" products. Our misson is to bring harmony and
innovation to every home worldwide. With new innovations, we want to be an iconic home décor brand and lead towards a better climate and to
a more "zen" = ("chimi") lifestyle.

Chimi Home revives the world of textile luxury by creating timeless, inspiring and sustainable
high-end collections produced to the highest standards with the best materials
and designs. We are proud of our product
chain and have since the start chosen to prioritize sustainability and transparency. Environmentally friendly production and social responsibility are
keywords throughout our organization.

Textile art with passion in every detail

Chimi Home's products are designed in our home textile atelier in Gothenburg with a dedicated passion for creating textile collections that are ideal in terms of design, quality and durability. Chimi Home's ambition is to simplify premium textiles with distinctive Scandinavian design.

"Aqui nasceu Portugal"

The Portuguese independence took place in the beautiful city of Guimarães. The city is therefore known as the "Birthplace of Portugal" ("Aqui nasceu Portugal"). In 2012, the city was named the European Capital of Culture precisely because it is exceptionally well-preserved and authentic. Today, the city is known for being the textile capital of Europe. That's why we at Chimi Home are extremely proud that our products are made from pure cotton with love and perfection in a family-owned company in Guimarães.

Our strategy 

- At Chimi Home, we do not manufacture products just to be more unique than what is already on the market. Our products must be better, much better. Otherwise there is no point.


  • 10,000+ Satisfied Customers

    We value every customer and are
    extremely grateful that our fluffy towels are used by so many
    daily. We look forward to more Chimi Home home textile products
    launched and consumed among even more people in the future.
  • Swedish design

    The creation of Chimi Home's products starts in our atelier in Gothenburg. Through detailed precision and our passion to create textile art – Chimi Home's products are born here through careful craftsmanship.
  • We have long experience

    Every Chimi Home product is dyed, cut, sewn and carefully examined in
    one of the oldest factories in Portugal – in a family-owned company that
    was founded already in 1925.

Our sustainability work

We at Chimi Home strive to be transparent in our operations. We are constantly working to improve our sustainability performance by constantly evaluating our work and our suppliers.

We want to promote work with social and economic sustainability in the home textile industry. Social sustainability means that we are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all workers involved in Chimi Home. Personal development, diversity and good conditions, we believe create a good community that leads to us creating trust with our customers. We want to achieve a circular economy through technical innovation and resource efficiency within the company. We get that through circular processes, circular design and minimal use of chemicals, which leads to reduced footprints on our earth.

Our aim is to extend the life cycle of our products which includes smart design, recycling and more sustainable materials with minimal use of chemicals.
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