Collection: Towel sets

Give your bathroom a luxurious feel with our towel sets

Never seasonal sales, but always fair package prices on towel sets. Save up to 35% when you buy our towels in sets. Give your bathroom a new, more luxurious feel with our towels from Chimi Home. A glossy and fluffy surface for you to get the best for your skin. Choose a color from all the colors of the rainbow that suits you and your bathroom.

  • Woven in 100% organic cotton
  • Swedish design - Portuguese craftsmanship
  • Ultra-soft and highly absorbent Quick-drying thick luxurious towels that become softer wash after wash, year after year.
  • "Smart towels"; the different colors of the labels help distinguish between towels in the household. To avoid skin irritation, one should always have their own towel, even within the family.


Always delivered luxuriously packaged.