Hur många grader tvättar man handdukar i?

This is how you preserve the quality and lifespan of your towels

Terrycloth is a fantastic and popular material that can add that little something extra to everyday life with its soft textile. Our towels can be used every day - for years.

With proper care, our terry towels become softer over time. Therefore, we advise our customers to follow our washing instructions to enjoy the fluffy material for years, even when the towel absorbs water.

Thinking about terry cloth
Before using your new towel, we recommend that you soak the towel for 12 hours. People often talk about soaking terry towels for 24 hours - which is not necessary as our towels go through an extra manufacturing process when the terry is made.

Machine advice:

Machine wash, 40-60 degrees
Tumble dry at high temperature
Iron at a low temperature
Do not fade
Do not dry clean
Fold the towel carefully
In Scandinavia, it is common for us to hang our towels, which can cause the loop in the base fabric to break. If this happens, do not pull on the loop but cut it off instead!
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