Our first collection “Signature Collection” is available in six different colours with four different variations on the microsatin labels. It makes it easy to individualize the towels in the household. Let our timeless, soft and luxurious towels pamper you and your loved ones with luxury pleasure in everyday life. Made with exclusive fabrics and traditional craftsmanship in Portugal with utmost precision and quality. The weight and weaving of our exclusive towels gives a maximum balance between the fluffy and soft feeling as well as the high-water absorbent ability. In addition, our terry towels are quick-drying and gets softer the more you wash them.

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Our first home textile collection comes in the terry towel sizes 30 × 50 and 50 × 70 as well as in a luxury bath towels in size 76 × 130. All sizes are available in six colors with four color variations on our signature labels of your choice. Our luxurious towels and bath towels can also be purchased in ready-made towel sets, see bundlepacks. Bundlepacks will always be delivered and packaged in our luxurious gift box.


Unlike ordinary terry towels and towels in other materials, our terry towels are distinguished by their weight, manufacture, exclusive fabrics and quality. Terry towels have either long or short fibers. Our terry towels are made of 100% cotton with short fibers of 550 gm/m2 which is a perfect weight to create a water-absorbing ability while still retaining the soft and fluffy feel. The terry towels with short fibers are short-cut which makes it impossible for the fibers to clump, all fibers are open against the soft surface which gives the terry towel the ability to quickly absorb water while giving it a longer life. With our exclusive terry towels you certainly invest in yourself. Our towels and bath towels will be experienced as soft and comfortable for several years to come. Terry towels with their color shading surface are beautiful to decorate the home with and can really create contrast, lift a bathroom and give it a feeling of luxury. Whether you wrap yourself in it after a bath or shower, if you use the towel for your morning and evening ritual, in the gym or on the beach on a nice summer day it should always give you a feeling of well-being.

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