Our goal is to design timeless high-end home textiles in exclusive fabrics for the conscious household. Therefore, our products are manufactured only with durable and exclusive fabrics that are manufactured with care in Portugal with the utmost precision and quality. For us, function, design and quality always come first. Together with our exclusive fabrics and timeless products, you give your home a boost. Together with the right home textile, we can decorate with one last touch to give a feeling of luxury and warmth.

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All our products are produced in exclusive fabrics and with traditional craftsmanship in Portugal. Since the choice of exclusive fabrics, weight, quality and manufacture has a great impact on the end result, we follow up the entire process from design to packaging down to the smallest detail. Despite the distinctive details, the product does not necessarily have to feel distinctive. For that reason, “textile art” for us is when minimalist design meets functionality. Now that “Signature Collection” offers coloured labels that make it easy for households to distinguish on the towels without really disturbing the timeless design, there is a clear example of perfection. Like this collection, more stylish and classic home textile products in toned-down colors of exclusive fabrics will be launched soon. Experience Scandinavian home textiles at its best.

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