Towel Set – Petite

720 SEK


This petite towel set includes 2 towels in the sizes of 50×70 and 2 smaller towels in the sizes of 30×50. Modify your own gift box with 4 towels in total. In the first step below you will be able to choose minimum 1 tag colour, up to 2. If you want to be able to separate and individualize the towels in the household you might want to choose from our different signature tag colours. Finally, choose between 6 different colour options from our “Signature Collection”. It is not possible to mix the towel colours when purchasing this towel set. 

All of our gift box is delivered in an exclusive gift box. With the weight of 550 g/m2 on our towels combined with Portuguese detailed craftsmanship we have achieved to create the perfect terry towel in terms of softness and water uptake ability. Experience our towels in gift box – with emotions in every detail. 

Care instructions – click here

Joakim Lotus
Underbar personal och en otrolig kvalite på produkterna, är så nöjd!
George Nisan
Daniel Eklund
André Eriksson
Mysigte handukar någonsin samt snygga😍Rekommenderas starkt !
Sarmad Younis
Efter att ha testat era handdukar så kommer jag aldrig någonsin vila köpa nåt annat!
Abraham Cortez
Fick tips att köpa era produkter och jag är supernöjd rekommenderar er starkt!!⚡️🤝
Kevin Nilsson
Göteborgs mysigaste och finaste butik!
ludvig säreborn
Göteborgs bästa butik
Maroun saad

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