Towel Set Big Family – Save 35%

1.800 kr 2.776 kr


Our big family gift box includes 4 bath towels in the sizes of 76×130 and 4 small towels in the sizes of 30×50. Modify your own big family towel set. Start by deciding your favourite towel colour. It is not possible to mix different towel colours in the same gift box. However you can choose minimum 1 tag colour, and up to 4 different colours on our signature coloured tags. Start by choosing tag colours in the menu below, then choose between 6 different towel colours. By choosing different colours on the tags you will be able to separate the towels within the household. Our small towels will come in the same towel and tag combination as the big towels. In this way you can enjoy the feeling of having the same colour on all towels in your bathroom and at the same time be able to individualize all the towels. 

The “Towel Set Big Family” pack is always delivered in a luxurious gift box. All of our collections and the gift box is made with perfection in terms of quality, sustainability, functionality, design and craftsmanship. Experience Scandinavian design, Portuguese craft on a daily basis without compromising with our “Towel Set Big Family ”.

+ Skötselråd

• Features 550 g cotton/m2
• Terry cotton, 100%
• Embroidered edging
• Made in Portugal
• Satisfaction guaranteed

• Machine wash at 40-60°C
• Do not use bleach
• Tumble dry on high temperature
• Iron on low temperature
• Do not dry clean
• Fold neatly