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The Chimi Home terry towels are made with simplicity and a personal touch. When you choose your favorite colours and labels you can style and add elements to your bathroom in many ways. When you hang or fold towels neatly it creates an organized and conscious feeling to your interior.

tips på hur du viker två bruna handdukar i vardagsrum snyggt och enkelt

But sometimes we forget that towels can actually be a part of our interior. Therefore, we have developed some tips to follow when you don’t know what to do with your terry towels.

Do you prefer to simply hang your towels on the hook a little ‘carelessly’? Or should the colors and labels be displayed on the shelf in a perfect dynamic? 

No matter how you decorate and what colors you love, you can with our 4 tips fold and hang your towels fancy. And display your Chimi towel – in your way. 

1. Let your towels hang
Neat and easy. And if you’ve got a towel rail, you can do as we do, combine by folding the towel a couple of times and letting the rest hang on the hook. With the label’s different color choices, it is also easy to separate the towels in the household.

Our white terry favorite Pearl White hangs in the bathroom on the image below.

2. Fold the towels to display the Chimi labels
It may sound difficult but it’s actually easy. You need to fold the towel three times only! Start by laying out the towel and make sure that the Chimi label is placed against the table / floor. Fold the oblong side towards the other. Then you continue by folding one short side towards the middle.Fold the same short side again. Now you have the Chimi label right in the middle. Now you can style the folded towel wherever you want!
två bruna vikta frottéhanddukar i ett vardagsrumFondue Brown has been placed on a pedestal in the living room. We love to decorate with towels!

3. Roll the towel
Is there anything that rhymes more with spa and hotel feel than rolled towels? Another tip on how to fold and hang your towels neatly and easily is to roll them. And instead of just leaving the rolled towels stacked on top of each other, you can roll them and leave the towel upright. Don’t be afraid to place your rolled or folded towels on a shelf or a dresser! Another tip is to put them in a nice basket.
två rosa handdukar rullade på en hylla Let the imagination flow. Above you see Soft Pink where the towels have been rolled and placed standing on a shelf.

4. Create stylish still lifes
Still life – a great way to both show off and place your towels when you don’t know what to do with them! With the different color choices  that “Signature Collection” contains, it will not be difficult to create beautiful still lifes that goes tone by tone. On a dresser or any shelf that lacks decoration, folded towels can create a nice symmetry and dynamism. Now you just need to add your other favorite decorations next to it!

ett sätt att visa två blå chimi handdukar vikta på ett sideboardOur terry towel Peppy Blue has taken over the sideboard and created a beautiful still life. With a simple fold, the yellow and light blue labels are highlighted. 

How do you differentiate between towels in the same household?
It might be confusing sometimes to keep track on your towel within the household of others. Especially if many people live under the same roof. Chimi Home has developed “Signature Collection” so you can easily see which towel is yours thanks to the label. With different colors on the labels that you choose, it’s not difficult to keep it organised in the bathroom. In addition, it creates a unique touch. What is your favorite combination?[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We want you to leave with some last inspirational foldings!
A video of step by step how we pack our gift box!

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