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History is interesting, it is the story of how we became who we are. So how come mid-February is so much about love? As with many traditions, they can be traced back a long way, often to medieval or ancient times. In 1956, the Nordic Company encouraged women to show their appreciation for men on 24 February, as traditionally it was on Scotsman’s Day that women were allowed to propose to men. Traditions rightly evolve and adapt to their present day. It feels loving that women may woo men at any time and that men may do the same to men or in any other constellation that individuals feel is right for them.

Remembering to show love and appreciation a little extra is nice because, in a complex and intense world, it’s important that we don’t forget that. We can show others that we love them in the little things. A touch, a smile, or a thoughtful message. Hopefully, what you send out will be reciprocated and we will be reminded that the world is not as cold and grey as we sometimes think. “Love can conquer anyone.. brothers and sisters, let’s take a stand”.. as Lenny sang.

Self-love is just as important. When did you look in the mirror and show appreciation and love for yourself? To say out loud and clear to yourself that you love yourself may feel strange but how can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself? It is not selfish to love yourself or to give yourself a central place in your own life. A nice and caring relationship with yourself saves the environment and therefore ourselves pain as we often project what we feel inside onto our environment.

Let love rule!


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