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” With 80 stores around Sweden and two showrooms, Sanova is a proud representative of some of Europe’s finest bathroom brands such as Gessi, Duravit, Astro Lighting, Karol, Stella and Novellini. Their range consists of carefully selected products that combine timeless quality with modern elegance. Made by people with a genuine knowledge of the materials they work with, and a deep passion for the shapes they are inspired by. Sanova is aimed at customers who are looking for a complete solution for the bathroom. But who also want something out of the ordinary and create their completely personal bathroom environment. “

   Bathtub from Sanova HERE         Towels Soft Pink & Peppy Blue from Chimi Home

Sanova has, to say the least, an eye for interior design. With its timeless elegance and minimalist touch for Scandinavian style. For over 30 years, Sanova, originally from Lidköping, has hand-picked and collected the finest brands in Europe under one roof. Today, design icons such as Gessi, Astro Lightning, Novellini and Duravit come together – all of which are manufacturers of everything from exclusive bathtubs, showers and mixers. But also timeless and stylish bathroom accessories.

Chimi Home has had the opportunity to collaborate with Sanova in their showroom in Gothenburg. Here we have developed and created stylish combinations in bathrooms. With materials of minimalist design and cool tones, together with our soft textiles. For creators of environments and design, interior design and styling are about more than eye-catching combinations. Sustainability and social responsibility, are core values ​​that Sanova and Chimi Home share. To create and work with long-term solutions in environmentally friendly production and sustainable materials.

A bathroom dream
Today, interior design and its creative creation is not only a hobby for most people, it has also become a lifestyle and a way for many people to be able to express their personality and create a feeling. Chimi Home’s stylish and colorful terry towels, give you the opportunity to enhance and create the experience you are looking for in your particular bathroom. And with Sanova’s minimalist design and bathroom design, combined with Chimi Home’s fluffy and eye-catching textiles, you can easily create a sense of luxury.

Luxury shower enclosures from Sanova HERE        Towels Soft Pink & Peppy Blue from Chimi Home

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