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In the summer of 2020, Chimi Home made a commercial on the west coast.

Our “Signature Collection” is available in six different colors and with four color variations on the microsatin labels. This therefore makes it easy to distinguish between the terry towels in the household. With our timeless, soft and luxurious terry towels, we want to pamper you and your loved ones with total relaxation in everyday life. The terry towels are produced with exclusive fabrics, extreme precision and quality through traditional craftsmanship in Portugal.

In our film “Textile Art by Chimi Home” we show our first collection “Signature Collection”.

Some participants from our fantastic team behind the production of “Textile Art by Chimi Home” have compiled which ideas took off, what feeling they wanted to achieve and how they experienced the recording days.

We started by asking the question: How can we best convey our slogan “Textile art made with compassion”? And after many different ideas, we ended up with a bathtub on the beach!

Mario Horvat, Creative Director Chimi Home

I think the most fun with this type of project is the creative. To set up a stage and go through with the whole team how we should proceed, what everyone should do and how we can best get our vision in the picture.

What I experienced was the best thing about the recording was without a doubt the community and the focus everyone who was there had. Two intense but incredibly fun days. My role during the recording was to keep a common thread throughout and follow the strategy we set up, says Mario.

Två personer som filmar och tittar i en kamera

We want our products to associate with harmony and calm. Our customers should be able to relax and unwind from everyday life when they use our textile products. Therefore, we tried to find environments that could convey this in the image, along with effects such as slow camera movements, sound effects and fog. 

The reason why the bathtub ended up on the beach was because we wanted to find a balance between the artistic and the product. We started by asking the question: How can we best convey our slogan “Textile art made with compassion”? And after many different ideas, we ended up with a bathtub on the beach, says Mario.


 Josefine La Rosa, Model

modell sitter i ett badkar på stranden i solnedgångenI first came in contact with Chimi Home when Mikael Tarighi and I worked together and he wanted me as a model for the project. The best thing about the recording days in my opinion was the atmosphere, and the whole vibe. Everyone involved was super-expectant and thought it was exciting to be part of creating together, says Josefine.

What is your relationship with Chimi Home and do you have a favorite of the towels from the collection?

⁃ My favorite towel is definitely “Fondue Brown”. And I can say that there are no other products hanging in my bathroom than Chimi Home’s towels anyway!

Kasper Bröns, Drone pilot

Kasper has run a production company for the past 9 years. During this time has become one of the leading drone pilots in Europe and has worked with customers such as Avicii, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Jon Olsson, Salvatore Ganacci, Gumball and won a Grammy for this year’s music video .

personer som står bakom en kamera och flyger drönare i solenMikael Tarighi and I know each other through a business network called Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. We had really only met spontaneously once, but within YEOS everyone is a family. So when Miakel said he would have a recording, of course I wanted to help. On site, I took care of drone shots and helped with the production. 

What I loved about this production was that everyone was there because they cared. You can throw millions at a production. But nothing can compare to a project carried out with passion where everyone puts their heart and soul. There was never anyone who said no to help because it was below their paygrade, everyone gave 100%, says Kasper.

Something I also liked about this project, in addition to all the people, was that you got your creative freedom to test new angles and ideas. Nothing was impossible and the atmosphere was amazing.

Do you have a favorite of the towels from the collection?

– I personally love the green towel, it fits perfectly in both my boat and apartment!

Chimi Home should be associated with peace and relaxation, in a for many both stressful and constantly connected everyday life. We want our customers to take a deep breath and be filled with harmony, when they see or feel our textile products. Our exclusive terry towels and their eye-catching colors enhance the whole experience in your bathroom. By styling and decorating your bathroom with our terry towels, you can easily achieve exactly the feeling you want to convey and create an impression of luxury.

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